WICKED GEMS by Johanna

Handmade Resin Art | Tumbler Maker | Horror & Gore Artist | Custom T-Shirts


Everything we make its handmade, We work hard making sure every detail is exactly as requested! Sometimes you may noticed a tiny bump or a glitter that landed on the wrong tumbler & that's perfectly ok!

"Perfect Imperfections"

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  • Jason 3D Tumbler

    This tumbler was lots of fun to make even though it took longer to be completed, I took all my dedication in making sure all the details where in place and making it look realistic. One of my favorite tumbler. -Johanna

  • Swiftpoxy & Tumblerpoxy 2.0

    I use the highest quality epoxy for my resin artwork from molds to tumblers, etc. The shine in my work speak for itself!

  • Kitty Self Defense

    We make self defense keychain from resin, please make sure before you purchase to know your state law in regards the particular keychains.